I. About the contest

The Top Speaker of Mobiconf 2020 – is a contest organized only for Mobiconf 2020 speakers, both for Call for Papers speakers and speakers, which represent conference sponsors. The contest organizer is Miquido – Mobiconf founder and organizer, but the company is not involved in any way in choosing the best speaker of 2020 edition.

The goal is to reward the best, most interesting & inspirational talks. Our community appreciates the engagement of Mobiconf speakers. To pursue this need, the organizer would like to give speakers something beyond the warm applause!

II. General terms and conditions

“The Top Speaker of Mobiconf 2020” is an integral part of the Mobiconf 2020 conference. Only Mobiconf 2020 speakers can take part in this contest.

Mobiconf 2020 will take place on 1-2 October 2020 in Krakow, and there will be five tracks each day: iOS, Android, UI/UX, Everything Mobile and Artificial Intelligence.

All talks given during Mobiconf 2020 should be about mobile technology, mobile apps development, Product Design, AI, software testing and management in mobile projects. Commercial talks will be rejected.

The Top Speaker of Mobiconf 2020 will be selected only by Mobiconf 2020 participants. It means that they will judge the quality of presentation, difficulty level and communication with the audience during talk and performance.

Voting will be accessible only by official Mobiconf mobile application, delivered by the organizer to all attendees.

The organizer will award 5 top-rated speakers:

  • 1 speaker in the „iOS” category,
  • 1 speaker in the „Android” category,
  • 1 speaker in the „Everything mobile” category,
  • 1 speaker in the “Product Design” category,
  • 1 speaker in the “Artificial Intelligence” category.

The contest is free of charge for speakers and voters.

Every Top Speaker of Mobiconf 2020 will be awarded a special medal.

Information about the contest and winners will be shared in and with:

  • Mobiconf & Miquido Social Media channels,
  • Media Partners,
  • Media,
  • Community Partners,
  • Mobiconf 2019 attendees.

The organizer mustn’t manipulate or change the voting results.

Miquido speakers are excluded from the voting chart. Organizer’s goal is to award our guest speakers, not to promote the Miquido brand itself.

III. About the organizer and the conference

Miquido delivers data-driven, disruptive mobile experience which keeps best-in-class businesses ahead of the curve.

Featured by TIME & Forbes, awarded by Deloitte Technology Fast50 CE, with apps reaching top places in Google Play & App Store. Miquido is a truly award-winning company! Successful in the world dominated by mobile technologies, selected by brands like Skyscanner, Abbey Road Studios, HelloFresh, TUI, Herbalife, Nestle, with 100+ products delivered over the last 9 years.

Mobiconf – is an international mobile conference organized since 2014 by Miquido. The event is focused on mobile apps development, UI/UX design, and business solutions which make sense on mobile. The speakers are the top-notch experts who represent widely recognized brands like Spotify, Microsoft, SoundCloud, Booking(.)com, PayU, Smashing Magazine, Facebook, Skyscanner and others. Every year we gather over 500 attendees from 4 continents: mobile developers, graphic designers, project managers, CEOs, CTOs and product owners. Mobiconf has been the laureate of The TOP EVENT AWARD, which means it is one out of three the best events in Poland.

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