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Mobiconf gathers the crème de la crème of the world of Android, iOS, UX/UI Design, Leadership and Project Management.


a Mobiconf speaker

Feel like sharing your wisdom? Join us as a Mobiconf 2020 speaker! Every year, we search for cream of the crop of the mobile development world to shine bright on our stage. This year we’re offering 5 different theme paths:

  • Android iconAndroid
  • Artificial intelligence iconArtificial intelligence
  • Everything mobile iconEverything mobile
  • iOS iconiOS
  • Product design iconProduct design

While Mobiconf speakers share their knowledge, the attendees share their love in return. Every year, the audience selects their favourite talk on each path, basing on the quality, level of professional experience and audience-speaker chemistry.

Sounds like something for you? Send us your application!

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